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Density and Viscosity Meters for Gas and Liquids

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Low Flow Rate Viscometer VC-30 SERIES

VC-30 SERIES Features
- Continuous measurements
- Easy cleaning
- High accuracy
- Simple installation
- Suitable for very viscous liquids
- Wide range of applications
- Compact design
- Automatic temperature compensation
- Rigorous factory testing
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In most cases viscometers presented in the market are bulky and require significant flow rates to be effective. VC-30 is a brand new Process Viscometer which able to manage very low flow rates. Based on resonant tube technology, where frequency changes of the sensitive element in measured liquid. VC-30 gives high accurate Dynamic Viscosity values continuously.
Design of the instrument performed in a way that VC-30 has no pressure or flow effect on the measurements. Therefore VC-30 is an obligatory element of process control systems and a best solution for process viscosity!
ISO 9001